“Quality begins on the inside… then works its way out.” Bob Moawad

We began servicing gift shops in 1987. Stationed in Anaheim, California, our design pedigree is heavily rooted in beach cities. After tackling Southern California, Sunshirt expanded it's product line to cover Mountain regions, deserts and southern states. Throughout this amazing growth, we stayed true to one idea: Quality begins on the inside, then works its way out. 

Every design we create to every stitch in our bags are monitored with a quality first mindset. We believe that our products are not successful because they look beautiful but because our customers say they are. This mindset also led us to re-think the way we produce our products, which is here in California. We believe that the only way to maintain excellent products is to make them yourself. We guarantee that every product you purchase from us is made in the United States. 

Your gift shop deserves the best. So shop from Sunshirt - we truly believe you and your customers will appreciate the quality.